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Kids cooking and foraging day

The day started at 7.30am with Jorja arriving. Normally I had headed of for a walk with Morris but not today - I slept in!! So a quick dash out of bed to open the door and the day had begun.

While I am not working I have restarted cooking lessons with Jorja and Jakob. Last year I decided that 6year olds should be getting their way around the kitchen. As they can read they should be able to follow instructions. So today it was Pavlova day. The only thing was what to do with all the egg yolks. I did not want to do lemon honey again. By the time I got organised enough for breakfast it was 8.50am so we decided to make french toast. Jakob and Jorja now have two more recipies for their books and we had a lovely breakfast and gorgeous dessert tonight.


French Toast

6 egg yolks
3/4 cup whole milk
Knob of butter
Your choice of topping.

Put the egg yolks and milk into a flat bottom dish or container (it needs to be large enough for a standard slice of bread to fit flat). Mix well with a for…

Our Xmas Letter

It has taken a long time to get going on this blog. Aaron set it up a while ago and I have been busy doing other things. SO... I have decided to post those directly onto my blog.

If you are interested - here is our news for 2009.
J.A.K.E. (belated) Xmas Letter 2009

Well Merry Christmas to all. Yes isn’t it amazing but as usual I have not been able to churn the news out before Xmas. To all those who did – I am stand in awe and amazement of your achievement!!! But Jan 20th is a lot better than the year when we sent it in June.

Continues to grow and is completely ready for school. He thought he was starting in February and is a bit disappointed that he has to wait until his birthday. He is very like Aaron in personality but looks like me. Eli’s had his first overnight tramp in January (which was also the first tramp we have been able to do as a family). He has a lot of oomph and physical capability but does not try to use his stamina in the way that Jakob always has. Eli attended ABC p…