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Mad or superwoman

I just can't decide what I was the other morning. But by the time the kids left for school I had made a batch of Louise Cake and a batch of Hokey Pokey biscuits!!

I had a comment on my blog recently from a lady whose blog title is "Supermum no cape", What a great title.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been a bit stressed and not keeping up with some stuff - one of which was baking for lunches. So I either don't do it or go over the top at the moment!!!

Anyway - why has no one told me about Hokey Pokey biscuits before? They are so amazingly super easy and super fast to make. This is a fantastic recipe for the busy household.

From the Edmonds cook book

Hokey Pokey biscuits (taste a little like the inside of crunchy bars)
125g butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 Tablespoon golden syrup
1 Tablespoon milk
Put all these into a pot. Heat until butter is melted and mixture nearly boiling, stirring constantly. Take off the heat and sift into pot
1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda…

The Grande Finale

I can finally say those words "it is finished". I have been trying to put this on my blog as a finish for the last two weeks. That is how long it has taken me (with a bit of camping in between) to get all the quilting done.

In my blog here - I explain how this was made from 8 businessman shirts all from Op Shops (Charity Shops). Even I doubted what a quilt would look like just from second hand shirts. I am absolutely thrilled.

I have never made a quilt before that is just block colour and I am very taken with it. Two nights ago when I was auditioning fabric for the binding I had patterned greens, multicolour and stripe material. Aaron did not like any of them and pointed out that introducing a pattern when all the rest was plain did not seem right. So I used the trimmings of the 100% cotton sheet from Ezibuy that is the backing, and had just enough to make a good solid binding.

I quilted this using freehand quilting but in straight lines, to give a bit more of an organic loo…

Funny but Fantastic

As you know from my last blog post, we went to Oamaru for the long weekend. We are calling this the PPP weekend (a bit crude but - Piss Poor Planning). This is not about forgetting things, or breaking stuff etc, this is about going for an event without checking whether it is actually on!!

Yes that is right folks - we went for a Victorian Festival that is held every year. So off we trotted, absolutely sure that the last time we found out about it, it was on the way home from my sisters place on Labour Weekend. NOOOOOO. The Victorian Festival is on Show Weekend!!!

So guess where we are regoing in three weeks time? Yes - to a Victorian Weekend in Oamaru. Well actually we are going to stay with my sister in Dunedin and then head back with them in tow. And yes we will be making a booking for Annies Victorian Tea Rooms for lunch.

In spite of our PPP we had an awesome weekend and are likely to put Oamaru on our destination list again. The Botanical Gardens are amazing and the kids play area w…

Victorian afternoon tea

What a fabulous and funny weekend we have had - more of that on a later blogpost. I am currently printing like mad, a pile of work stuff, before heading out to the office at the shed. So while I am doing that here is a quick glimpse at the most amazing find in Oamaru.
We went to Oamaru for the historic centre which we have gone to before and was great fun. On the corner of the Victorian prescient we found a new tearooms which has only been open just over a year. Annies Victorian Tea Rooms. Opening Day newspaper article . It is 1 Tees St, Oamaru. I cannot give you a website as she does not have one but there are also articles about her in the Historic Places Trust website.

This is a true Victorian Tea Rooms. We just happened upon it by fantastic design. Everything about it is authentic. They all wear the old uniforms, even the cooks in the kitchen whom you do not see. They cut the bread at the table if you order bread, butter and jam. If you order cake then the trolley is brought to y…

Working frantically but still not finished

Well I started trying to finish this quilt last friday for "finish it friday" over at Crazy Mum Quilts. But this has been finish it up Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Tues and Wed I just was over it), then yesterday and all my spare time today.
But it is still not finished. Off to pack for the weekend, this will just have to remain my current major unfinished project. It is the quilt for Jakob's room (which is also not quite finished - have the shelving to sort).

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The Ultimatum

I have known for years that it would eventually happen - The Ultimatum - "Sort your craft stuff out!!"
Now I constantly sort, resort, reorganise all my craft stuff in the house. I try to finish projects, put it in sensible order and eliminate.

So confession time - elimination has just been to put it in the garage. It is a mess, I acknowledge it. But some is ready for sale so a bit will go. But I have been warned, if it is not sorted within a month then HE will sort it. ARGGGGGHHHH. What does an IT person know would be important to me or how to organise it. So now after years of procrastinating I am going to have to do it.

On Sunday I did an hour and managed to organise all the preserving and jam jars, the shelves that have cooking stuff on them and I cleared a whole half shelf space for Aaron to put stuff on. I also cleared another shelf for his stuff. But the big pile, the mission, is still to come.

A few before shots for you.

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Back to School and Birthday Baking

After a busy two weeks of school holidays I thought I better fill the tins ready for making school lunches on Sunday night (it is usually the last thing I want to do on Sunday night and so if there is no baking then often no sweet thing for the lunch box).

This baking may look a little bizarre as it ended up experimental flavour wise. I made a coffee cake for Aaron's Birthday Cake. Very successful as usual, a batch and a half of afgans and a double batch of yoyo biscuits. (the yoyo's are yet uniced). Once all had cooled I set about icing the cake. Coffee icing - pretty standard- but I made way tooooooo much coffee icing.

That is when experimenting came in. First we tried a bit of yoyo with coffee icing, it was ok but drowned that lovely subtle custard flavour. Then the light bulb moment - coffee icing on afghans - it is a moccachino!!! Coffee and chocolate always go well. So another round of trying and we were all happy.

So all set for the birthday tomorrow and all ready for t…

Ambitious Plans

I still have not learnt the plan great achievements! My plan for the school holidays was to finish all the christmas presents for the females. So far I have only stitched 4, sewn the edges of three and finished one completely. I am using my book "the bag making bible" to learn to do zips and fully lined purses. So Amiria's is finished but the rest are not. Ah sigh.

I had also planned to finish Eli and Jakob rooms by getting all the shelving done and toys sorted. I have started by getting shelving up into the top of Eli's cupboard, which took me a lot longer than I thought it would and I was super careful about where to put screws as there is plumbing behind the walls. But the rest is another unfinished item. Lots to do, Lots to do.

Baking and a busy day

Well today first thing I made rice bubble biscuit. This needed to be gluten free and dairy free, as Mieke is intolerant of both. So I adapted the recipe to suit. I have no idea when I first got this recipe or from who as it has been around since before I was a child.

Rice bubble cake
4 Cups Rice bubbles (make sure they are a brand that are gluten free - I used Kelloggs) into a big bowl.
then into a pot put
1 1/2 Tablespoons honey
3 1/2 oz diary free spread - i used Olivio as it is made from olive oil (watch out as some still have dairy in them)
4 Tablespoons sugar
melt all together and then bubble at low heat stirring until the colour darkens and the mixture thickens. Pour into rice bubbles, mix together quickly as it sets fast. Put into a lined tin, press down firmly with wet hands and cut. (it is very hard to cut it once it is set). I keep it in the fridge until eaten.

Then we went outside and Eli mowed the lawn for the first time ever! Wow at 7years old. He was dead keen and did an…

What I am stitching

Well it is that time of year again - yes 10 weeks to Christmas (or something close like that). So the Christmas present making needs to be in full force. So while I was up in Wellington with Kerryn I started the stitching for everyone's presents.

Here are the photos of where I have gotten to. I did a few error's - I did the wrong spelling for one niece so have to redo that. I also got some of the names not quite symmetrical so am having to sort that out. But not a bad result for a weekend away.

Of course my recycling ethos is working here. All the threads are ones I have hanging around, some from old projects, some given to me. The buttons are off shirts I have recycled into other objects and the material is 100% linen from two shirts I bought at the Op Shop.

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Wow, I went to W.O.W

Yes my last blog was about leaving, this one is about how wonderful it was. The World of Wearable Arts was an amazing show. Not only did they do a two hour spectacular but they had entertainment prior to the show. An amazing Jazz band playing the whole time, various character circling and mingling. It was all I thought it would be and more. I was thrilled that Kerryn was with me.

When we got there we were shocked with our seats. I had booked the second tier back to economise a bit, But there was no first tier - we literally were the second from the front row. It made for spectacular viewing and meant we got to see all the garments really well.

We were not allowed to take photos during the show, so what you see is only the prelude.

On Friday night we went out to Dinner and it was fabulous. I forgot to take photos of other plates of food but the one of the entre tapas just gives you an idea.