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How lucky am I!!

Not only are we moving in a very short time to a new house where I get a room for craft, but we only have days left before all that happens and I have had an afternoon where I have been able to take time out and sew. Moving is not easy - in fact I HATE it. Well actually I hate the work but I love moving and doing different things. So everything is packed in boxes and my sewing desk is ready to be moved so the machine is on the kitchen table.
Aaron has taken the boys out for some shopping (boxes, boxes and more boxes) and then decided to have a swimming afternoon with them. How blessed am I. Yes I have been painting all the little marks on the walls where pictures have come down. And packing up some garage and shed stuff, but until they come home with those boxes I can sew. I just feel really lucky and blessed. Anyway, while I have been having this quiet time I have come to a decision!! No I have not told my husband, but he reads my blog so he will find out. We are packed to move but …

I have to pack my stash

Well we move in two weeks. I am meant to be packing the house up. So that means I have to pack my stash. Now my stash is not quite the ordinary crafter's stash. It is piles and piles of clothing from the second hand store.
The problem with packing it is that I get inspired and as I have packed all my current projects I just had to start another. My thought was that if it was started it would be far less bulky to pack. I decided to sew another "fluffy"quilt. Out came all the old pyjamas and the cutting began. I took off the buttons (very useful for other projects) and took off all tags(as I have yet another idea re what to do about them) and cut all seams off.
So with Aaron away the boys and I were to have a quiet weekend. 1.30pm in the afternoon and I was on the sofa (yes for those who know me that means I am still in my nightie), Jakob in his dressing gown and only Eli dressed.
Then we get a call "I am parked outside your house can I come in and look at it please?&…

I am a pillowcase snob

Now on various other blog posts I have talked about being a snob - or "having a very particular preference to...".
This time I share my pillowcase making as I am so particular about my pillowcases that very few commercially produced ones come up to standard.

A good pillowcase should;

be % cotton or linen. be ironed!!!Feel crunchy when my head hits itStay cool in the summer so if I wake up at night I can turn it over and it will be cold against my skinHave a decent tuck in tab so the pillow does not come out of the case!!!..... Oh I could go on.
For my birthday last year my sister gave me these incredibly old Osman sheets still all in their original wrapper. So last night I made some pillowcases from them. I made four normal pillowcases and then one triangle case. (First time ever) Wow these sheets were so so starched it was hilarious, just another pointer to the date of them.
Eli likes to have some company as he winds down for the night so he popped into our bed to read while…